Thursday, May 17, 2012

So long Kindergarden hello summer

Monday was Gabby's last day of school. This year flew by and she did so great.
She's growing up too fast I really can't believe she onto 1st grade. We are so proud of this sweet beautiful little girl. I have to say I'm pretty excited to be spending

  Here she is getting her diploma.

 This is her Class and one of her best buddies.
 When we got home I made a big sign for then that said welcome to Summer (you can't read it because I used crayon, should have found some markers instead!)
 The day was not a good start to summer as you can see this was what I was standing in to get the picture of them.
 I guess if God gives you rain on the last day of school nothing better then to play in it.

Friday, April 20, 2012


We just love these kids.

Silly girls

Micah has found Grandma's pantry!!

Love the tickles

Hide and much fun!

Great hiding spots guys

They're not very good at crochet but they know how to have fun with it.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Celebrating Mason's big 4th Birthday

It's been a crazy week here. Mason's birthday and spring break for Gabby. Our initial plans were to try and get out to Seattle but that didn't work so we quickly made other B-day plans. We had a great breakfast then were off to the play-land for a bit before picking up Grandma and Papa from the airport. (they came down last minute to celebrate with us) It was a beautiful day so we came home and put the pool out. We made Basagna as Mason calls it and had a fun night opening presents and eating cake!!

Mason's new fishing pole

Waiting for dinner

Fun in the pool

Play land mask he picked out himselfAll the fun this week has now got him sick with pink eye and another ear infection. Pool guy I'm sure he's getting sick of being sick!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New bigger bike

She looks so grown up in this picture. Then I look up towards the front of the bike and see barbie riding on the handle bars and I think aww she still my little girl!

The new bike did not have training wheels. But one afternoon practice with daddy and success. So proud of her!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Somewhere over the Rainbow....

Aaron and I survived Gabby's 6th Birthday! Last Sunday we threw her a birthday party with around 19 kids from school and the neighborhood. We were able to successfully entertain them for an hour and a half and make Gabby feel like a Rainbow Princess!

We were so tired afterwards though.

The Big 6 Year old!

Decorations and Food

Pretty sure she loved being the center of attention!

Pinata was a must...the kids had so much fun with it.

Birthday Presents

Here she is on Tuesday morning, birthday breakfast is not all that exciting at 6am!!

After school we took her to build a bear. This is what she wanted for her present. This is Abby her new bear!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We're Back!!

Where have we been? No where really. Just crazy busy with a vacation, birthday and daily life. But we're back now and we finally took the plunge and bought a new camera. All I can think is why didn't we do it sooner. It's a canon t2i and the pictures we can now take are amazing. What better place to try it out then the Columbia zoo and botanical gardens. We had such a great family day yesterday. I won't bore you with all my amazing pics of animals and flowers, just two so you can see the quality of this camera, the rest are of some pretty cute subjects.

We also bought an additional zoom lens that lets us capture photos like this little bird from almost 50 yards away.